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Dhërmi is a beautiful town located on the Albanian Riviera, offering visitors breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding mountains. Its greatest advantage are the stunning beaches with turquoise blue water, where you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, diving, and other water sports.
Dhërmi is approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes away from Rinas Airport in Tirana, and about 1 hour to the city of Vlora.
Sea and Beach
The beaches in Dhërmi and the surrounding area are very diverse and offer something for everyone. Most of them are white pebble beaches, but there are also sandy beaches to be found. The sea is beautifully clean with an azure blue color.
In Dhërmi, you will find basic services such as grocery stores, restaurants, bars, and pharmacies. Most of the services are located in the town center near the beach. If you are looking for additional services, you will have to travel to nearby larger cities such as Vlora or Saranda.
Character of location
Dhërmi is a charming small town that will captivate you from the first visit. In the hills, you will find the second part of the town - Dhërmi Village. Here you will find traditional Albanian houses and can enjoy a walk through picturesque streets surrounded by greenery.

Location description

Dhërmi is a beautiful resort in southwestern Albania, located between the cities of Himara and Vlora. The area is known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear turquoise sea. The beach in Dhërmi stretches all the way to the Ceraunian Mountains, which offers a beautiful contrast to the gorgeous coastline. In this area, there are also many picturesque beaches that offer the opportunity for relaxation and tranquility. Many of them are hidden in coves and offer a calm atmosphere, which is ideal for those seeking a peaceful place. The area is also popular among scuba divers, who can enjoy beautiful underwater scenery here. Dhërmi is also rich in historical and cultural monuments, including Christian churches and Roman ruins. The most significant is probably the Church of St. Theodore, located on a hilltop and offering stunning views of the sea and surrounding landscapes. Nearby is the Llogara National Park, which includes mountain peaks, canyons, and wild rivers. At the top of the Llogara Pass is a lookout tower with a magnificent view of the coast and inland Albania. The town also hosts various cultural and social events in the summer months, such as festivals or concerts. Dhërmi is known for its restaurants, where visitors can enjoy traditional Albanian cuisine, such as risotto, roasted meats, and fresh fish, which are truly worth trying.
8. August 2023
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