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Get to know an almost virgin location where you can find modern beach promenades as well as untouched nature. Combine the pleasant with the useful and view the selected property and its surroundings. We will arrange a tailor-made tour for you with above-standard services.

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A long-forgotten corner of the Balkans offers adventure in the wild mountains, but also comfort for those who prefer a holiday by the sea. Even lovers of historical monuments will not come short. Don't miss the opportunity to experience all this while viewing the selected property.

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Investment & Travel

Investment & Travel

We deal with each client individually, taking into account their time and financial possibilities. We will only visit the places you wish to see.

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Variants of the stay vary according to your preferences, but we are always able to prepare it flexibly and turnkey. If you want to visit investment properties, or relax during an extended weekend or experience a proper vacation, we will be happy to take care of it.

I want to visit investment opportunities:

If you are considering investing in real estate in Albania, then this trip is just for you. We will arrange a trip to Albania for you for 2-3 nights, where we will visit selected investment properties together and you will also get to know the atmosphere of Albania. A personal driver and guide to investment opportunities is a matter of course.

I want to have a long weekend:

Do you want to clear your head and go to the sea and the warmth for a few days? Then Albania could be the right choice for you. If you wish, we will arrange everything for you so that you don't have to worry about anything. Go away for a few days and enjoy quiet evenings, for example, in an apartment with its own garden.

I want to experience a proper vacation:

If you are planning a vacation for yourself and your loved ones, Albania can be a great choice. If you wish, we will help you arrange everything around your vacation. We will also suggest the right places to stay according to your preferences. It depends only on you whether you prefer a quiet environment or the atmosphere of seaside evenings in the city.

Client Experience

Already completed investment
"I am very happy that I turned to Investment Albania when I was looking for an apartment in Albania. Their team is incredibly helpful and professional, and helped me find the perfect property that meets all my requirements. Throughout the entire process, they provided me with regular updates and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend Investment Albania to anyone looking for a professional and reliable service when buying a property in Albania."
Lukáš H., Investor, CZE
Apartment, 101 m², Sarandë
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Already completed investment
"I appreciate the completely professional approach. As an investor, I must emphasize that although the construction of the apartment was delayed due to the economic situation and the rapid increase in building materials, Investment Albania ensured that the price was preserved for me as an investor."
Richard S., Investor, CZE
Apartment, 2+kk, San Pietro
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