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We are a team with bases in the Czech Republic and Albania. A team for whom real estate investing and risk management are common practice. CEO Jan Seidl was in charge of managing the Risk Management department for the Czech and Slovak Republics within Deloitte and has many years of experience in doing business in Albania.

We know the local market very well and, unlike external companies, we have built excellent relationships with local developers and suppliers. This allows our clients to acquire properties at attractive prices, but with top-notch service and worry-free.

We speak three languages ​​(Czech, English and Albanian), we are very well versed in the legal system of Albania; however, we conclude contracts in accordance with EU legislation. Thanks to all of this, our clients get higher protection.

Jan Seidl,
Company CEO
At home, in Albania, we find a big investment potential

We are at home in Albania, we do not do business remotely from another country, and we have seen with our own eyes that Albania is like Croatia 20 years ago - a somewhat forgotten European country with unexplored potential. Albania is no longer the poorest European country and is "at the heels" of its Balkan neighbors.

Considering the steadily developing economy, attractive location and natural wealth, it would be a missed opportunity not to invest in real estate here. Their prices are still lower than in the Czech Republic, but thanks to the promising development of the country, they are constantly increasing.

3 important success factors: Local relationships, knowledge of construction quality and due diligence

We have above-standard relationships with local developers and entrepreneurs, which enable us to access individual projects. We carry out physical inspections of constructions and are able to provide modifications at the customer's request.

We know the quality of local construction and are able to assess it professionally. Based on this, we then select investment opportunities.

We verify all information and facts (legal verification and verification of natural persons).

We want to be number one in real estate mediation for foreign investors

We provide all our clients with a complete full service so that the customer is as least burdened as possible. The most difficult step for the client is choosing the right property, everything else is taken care of by us.

In a professional, comfortable, and transparent manner.

We know the Albanian mentality and language, and, thanks to representation on both sides, we achieve the best results.

Fall in love with Albania,
let us prepare a turnkey holiday for you

Every decision to invest should be supported by sufficient information, which is why we offer our clients the opportunity to get to know Albania and view the selected property.

We will plan the entire tour including a private flight and our own driver on site.

Do not buy "a pig in a poke" and combine the pleasant with the useful, but also downright advantageous.

Our standards

Our Standards

We pursue above-standard relations with investors and developers. The basic principles that lead to such relationships and that support the good name of our company are, in particular, the following:

1. We have local representation in Albania, we know the local market well, and thanks to this, we only offer profitable investment opportunities.

2. We mainly focus on latest properties or properties still under construction, which we personally and thoroughly verify and inspect.

3. We allow investors to view the selected property without pressure, get to know Albania, and only afterwards, make a decision. All this with the highest possible comfort.

4. Top services are a matter of course, as well as pro-client negotiations and complete full service, so that the investor is as little burdened as possible.

5. We do everything in a completely transparent manner and ensure two-way communication in three languages, ​​so that there is no "communication noise".

6. We personally verify all information about investments, we use our excellent relations with developers for the maximum benefit of investors.

The slogan "Customer is King" is not just an empty term for us, our clients can truly rely on us, especially thanks to personal experience and knowledge of local conditions.

Already completed investment
"I am very happy that I turned to Investment Albania when I was looking for an apartment in Albania. Their team is incredibly helpful and professional, and helped me find the perfect property that meets all my requirements. Throughout the entire process, they provided me with regular updates and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend Investment Albania to anyone looking for a professional and reliable service when buying a property in Albania."
Lukáš H., Investor, CZE
Apartment, 101 m², Sarandë
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Already completed investment
"I appreciate the completely professional approach. As an investor, I must emphasize that although the construction of the apartment was delayed due to the economic situation and the rapid increase in building materials, Investment Albania ensured that the price was preserved for me as an investor."
Richard S., Investor, CZE
Apartment, 2+kk, San Pietro
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Leave us a message, we will advise you. Our experienced agents will help you with choosing the house of your dreams, as well as with the process of buying the property.

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