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Why buy real estate in Albania

Stable growth in real estate prices, strong development of infrastructure, development projects and tourism. A beautiful country with pure nature, within easy reach of the Czech Republic. This is just a small fraction of the reasons to invest in real estate in Albania.

I am interested in investing in Albania

Albania, a country full of advantages

Albania has long since bounced off the imaginary bottom and is still rising. The Albanian economy has great potential for growth, mainly thanks to the stable geopolitical situation and membership in NATO and the WTO.

The Stabilization and Association Agreement with the EU simplifies Albania's access to the single European market, the EU states are Albania's most important trading partners, which it values very much. Thanks to this situation, investing in real estate in Albania is a really great opportunity for profitable investment.

At an accessible distance from the Czech Republic, you can get access to a new, high-quality property for a fraction of Czech prices, which will bring promising appreciation over time. You can take advantage of the opportunity to rent or partially use the property for your vacation or meeting with friends or colleagues by the sea.

A country with a huge

Almost virgin nature, but high-quality and constantly developing services within reach. Low prices but steadily growing economy. Investing in real estate in Albania guarantees high appreciation and more than pleasant experiences.

We achieve discounts already at the entrance of the purchase

In Albania, we focus primarily on finding suitable opportunities in the field of real estate, which will bring us and our clients the fulfillment of the expected requirements. We operate locally in Albania and have direct personal relationships with individual developers of real estate projects. We also trade in building materials in Albania, which allows us to gain an advantage at the beginning of the purchase and to enter individual projects at lower than market prices. Thanks to this, we can offer our clients the best possible prices and immediate market appreciation.

How to buy real estate in Albania

1. Choosing a Property

Choose a suitable property from the current offer. We verify all of them personally and we are happy to advise you.

2. Experience Albania

We will plan a turnkey vacation for you, during which you can test the property and take your time to make a decision.

3. Complete
transaction assistance

We will represent you locally in Albania during negotiations, secure contracts according to EU standards and safely complete the transaction.

4. Provision of rental and property management

If you are interested, we will manage the property or rent it for the period when you will not be staying in it.

Albania is not only a profitable financial investment

Spending some carefree time by the sea every year, with charming nature and quality services behind you, is the dream of many people. And that's exactly what real estate investing in Albania offers. It provides everything you need for a perfect vacation or relaxation.

comfortable accommodation
breathtaking nature
great swimming
gastronomy with a touch of exoticism
quality services and shops without queues
low prices

Client Experiences

Already completed investment
"I am very happy that I turned to Investment Albania when I was looking for an apartment in Albania. Their team is incredibly helpful and professional, and helped me find the perfect property that meets all my requirements. Throughout the entire process, they provided me with regular updates and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend Investment Albania to anyone looking for a professional and reliable service when buying a property in Albania."
Lukáš H., Investor, CZE
Apartment, 101 m², Sarandë
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Already completed investment
"I appreciate the completely professional approach. As an investor, I must emphasize that although the construction of the apartment was delayed due to the economic situation and the rapid increase in building materials, Investment Albania ensured that the price was preserved for me as an investor."
Richard S., Investor, CZE
Apartment, 2+kk, San Pietro
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Non-binding consultation for purchase
real estate in Albania

Contact us. We will be happy to explain detailed information to you, or arrange a personal meeting together.

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