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Why Invest in Real Estate in Albania

With a property in Albania, you diversify your portfolio, with a lower initial investment, but higher and faster appreciation. The steadily developing Albanian economy and ever-improving services cause a constant increase in real estate prices.

Another bonus awaits you: a yearly holiday by the sea in your own property in a very attractive location. Albania is indeed a hidden gem of the Balkans. It is presenting breathtaking nature and azure blue water, friendly residents and very low prices, and an accessible distance (only 2 hours flight from Prague). No queues and no crowds of tourists. A paradise to which you and your potential tenants will want to keep coming back.

Combine the pleasant with the useful and invest in wonderful experiences with some extra passive income.

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with developers
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quality properties
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Experience Albania:
Combine Experience with Investing

We will arrange a holiday by the sea for you, during which you can view the property and take your time to decide whether you want to invest.

You will enjoy pristine nature and the turquoise sea, make sure of the hospitality of the people and half the cost. You will savour the local gastronomy, which combines Balkan, Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. You will get the opportunity to explore the property and the surroundings, so that you know where you will be spending the most beautiful moments.

Forget prejudice and come to see for yourself.
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Step by Step to Buying a Property in Albania with Us

1. Choosing a Property

Choose a suitable property from the current offer. We verify all of them personally and we are happy to advise you.

2. Experience Albania

We will plan a turnkey vacation for you, during which you can test the property and take your time to make a decision.

3. Complete
transaction assistance

We will represent you locally in Albania during negotiations, secure contracts according to EU standards and safely complete the transaction.

4. Provision of rental and property management

If you are interested, we will manage the property or rent it for the period when you will not be staying in it.

Already completed investment
"I am very happy that I turned to Investment Albania when I was looking for an apartment in Albania. Their team is incredibly helpful and professional, and helped me find the perfect property that meets all my requirements. Throughout the entire process, they provided me with regular updates and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend Investment Albania to anyone looking for a professional and reliable service when buying a property in Albania."
Lukáš H., Investor, CZE
Apartment, 101 m², Sarandë
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Already completed investment
"I appreciate the completely professional approach. As an investor, I must emphasize that although the construction of the apartment was delayed due to the economic situation and the rapid increase in building materials, Investment Albania ensured that the price was preserved for me as an investor."
Richard S., Investor, CZE
Apartment, 2+kk, San Pietro
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News for Investors in Albania

6. 11. 2023

Albania on the Rise - Current Status and Future Forecasts

Albania, the jewel of the Eastern Mediterranean, remains a fascinating country where past and future meet. Today, after decades of political changes and socio-economic transformations, Albania is gradually becoming a modern European country with a democratic political system. In this article, we will look at the current state of this country in certain aspects, including the development of infrastructure, the dynamics of tourism and construction, as well as forecasts for the future.
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19. 9. 2023

Shared property ownership in Albania: Why it is worth it

Investing in real estate is becoming an increasingly popular and desirable direction for those looking for attractive returns. While traditional forms of real estate investment may require significant capital and demanding management, Investment Albania comes with an attractive approach: shared co-ownership.
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5. 9. 2023

The difference between investment in existing buildings and development projects

The real estate market in Albania has been booming in recent years and is becoming an increasingly attractive option for investors looking for stable returns and capital growth. In this article, we will look at what makes Albania a lucrative property investment destination and what the return potential is, looking at the comparison between existing development and new development projects.
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